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Hermosa Beach, California

An entrepreneur, marketing and creative strategist, David has spent the last 18 years of his career dedicated to the ever-evolving world of Advertising & Marketing. After receiving his advertising degree from Northern Arizona University, he began his career as a Jr. Copywriter with a small agency in Phoenix.

From there, he went off on his own to build, nurture and sell the most successful Hispanic Advertising Agency in Arizona. His exotic career path has steered him to direct the international marketing efforts for a global surf brand, oversee creative departments at national advertising agencies, produce, direct and write feature length documentaries, kickstart App development companies and pitch fortune 500 accounts. He leads by example, he keeps a positive disposition and strives for excellence with every new project.

If it’s orchestrating an entire multi-platformed campaign, directing a commercial, writing a pilot, coordinating events or creating an entire line of beach bikes, David will make it happen with youthful exuberance and a smile.