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120k Downloads From an App That Let Me Relive My Childhood

28th September 2014 By David Diaz

Being a muscle car fan as a kid, I would try to guess the year, make and model of every cool car I saw on the street. I would usually shout it out as it drove by. Throughout my life this habit has never died (just ask my friends). Read more…

I made a documentary about Stevia. When the FDA watched it, they banned it.

28th September 2014 By David Diaz

Stevia is an all-natural sweetener made from the Stevia plant found in Paraguay. The rest of the world uses Stevia as a natural sweetener simply because it has no adverse effects and does not raise insulin levels. Read more…

How a 90s Surf Brand Gained their “Hard Core” Rep in Northern California

28th September 2014 By David Diaz

Body Glove is an international brand with mass appeal that makes an incredibly well-put together wetsuit. Unfortunately, among the “hard core surfer” segment they are considered the Disney brand of surfing. Read more…